Phoenix Workplace Safety reviews

“Rohan’s presentation sends a strong message to all those who take going to work for granted, thinking nothing can go wrong.
He highlights the struggles, the difficulties in just getting on with life, the impacts a workplace injury has on everyone you touch, everyone who knows you.
Those who attended Rohan’s presentation today walked away with a more positive attitude to safety.”

Jamie De Bono – General Services Co-Ordinator, AAHL Region of CSIRO


“Rohan uses his personal experience to deliver a very powerful message; how the actions and behaviours of one individual can have a profound effect on another workers life. His story is directly relatable for workers at Boral Cement – a large industrial site where high risk tasks are undertaken every day. The personal details and images that make up Rohan’s presentation will be remembered by all – a very effective presentation with a personal message. Thanks Rohan for assisting us with our journey to ZERO HARM TODAY.”

– Dean Black – Site Manager, Boral Cement Waurn Ponds


“Rohan’s story is an emotional and frightening reminder of how easily incidents can happen. It also highlights how easily the incident could have been avoided and why Rohan should have gone home to his family that day rather than to the hospital. Via the conversations during his presentation or the conversations in the following days I’m sure people’s thoughts have changed about how their work could impact others or visa versa.”

– Josh McKenzie, Operations Field Manager – Origin Energy Otway Gas Plant



“This week at Lion, we Stopped for Safety and at my site we had the opportunity to hear of a real life experience from Rohan Sykes who was involved in a terrible workplace incident 7 years ago. It was a heartfelt and brave story tell. Thank you Rohan for sharing your story and the impact on yourself and your family. This truly is why our actions, attitude and behaviour should always put Safety of ourselves and our colleagues before anything else.”

-Nicole Lam, Supply Chain Learning Lead – Lion Dairy and Drinks


“AWH engaged Phoenix Workplace Safety to deliver presentations at all of our major sites across Australia.
Rohan was engaging and relatable throughout, as such he was able to deliver a very compelling message
about the importance of safety and how critical it is that everyone takes responsibility for this. While our
workplace does not pose the same types of risks that Rohan was exposed to, his story can certainly be related
to other industries.
I believe Rohan’s story was a real eye-opener to a lot of our employees; we had some tears, certainly we had
some personal reflection, but most importantly I believe we have achieved a shift in people’s commitment to
safety. Certainly, some of our managers continue to reflect on his presentation when delivering messages
about the importance of following the safety procedures that have been put in place.
While the 67% reduction in our LTIFR over the last 12 months has been a pleasing outcome, it’s the shift in
culture that is the most rewarding improvement. It’s the shift in culture that makes this type of improvement
I am very pleased that we decided to engage Rohan’s services and would certainly recommend him to others.”

Marnie Briggs
General Manager, HR and Safety



“Rohan’s story is a powerful reminder of how systems work within most business today are still heavily reliant upon the human factors.  The events surrounding Rohan’s accident remind us that, the actions or inactions of individuals working within the system can have life changing consequences. Rohan bravely relives the traumatic events of his accident which delivers a compelling reminder to never be content and to never settle with the level of safety within your business”

Tony Garing – Safety & Wellbeing Advisor Lion Beer VIC