Phoenix Workplace Safety talks and presentations

From near tragedy, a passion for workplace and personal safety practices has been born and Rohan is using his harrowing story and experiences to open the eyes of others through Phoenix Workplace Safety.

Rohan has overcome extreme physical trauma with third degree burns to more than a third of his body. And despite lingering emotional pain and suffering, he is passionate about using his 2011 workplace accident, which nearly claimed his life, to help others.

Rohan’s talks and presentations are motivating, inspiring and informative, a must for all employee levels at industrial workplaces, while his story would also be of great benefit to the likes of health groups and health workers, sporting clubs and fitness groups.

Parts of Rohan’s story and presentation have to be heard to be believed. From the accident itself, to his time in hospital, to his rehabilitation, dealing with Worksafe, insurers and legal proceedings and his resolute attitude toward recovery with heartwarming support from his loving family.

There is no better person to speak about workplace safety than someone who has been right to the edge and back. Rohan is forthright about his accident and what he went through in the years to follow. He doesn’t want sympathy or to confront people with what happened to him, he simply wants to improve attitudes towards workplace safety and to empower workers to question safety practices and systems. Read more about Rohan or book him to speak at your workplace or group. Also click on link below see a list of companies who Rohan has provided great value to:-

Rohan’s Clients