It was a normal Friday morning at work before Rohan's life changed forever

As Rohan Sykes lay on a trolley in the back of an ambulance with horrific burns following a workplace accident, he thought his time was up and he would never see his family again. Moments later, he would go into an induced coma.

It had been a normal Friday up until the mid-morning incident in 2011. Rohan, a qualified maintenance fitter, and a colleague were carrying out a routine plunger and roster change on a machine at a glass bottle factory in Melbourne’s west, where he had worked for nearly six months. As Rohan followed normal procedure, wearing the correct protective equipment and fire retardant shirt, he became exposed to radiant heat from molten glass and his torso caught fire.

After both high-pressure emergency hoses near the machine failed, Rohan resorted to rolling across the factory floor. By the time a colleague could douse him with a fire extinguisher, the damage was done – Rohan was fighting for his life.