Phoenix Workplace Safety FAQ

How long to Phoenix Workplace Safety presentations last?

My┬ápresentation generally lasts about an hour plus a question and answer session. But, as many industries have varied time constraints, we can discuss at the time of booking. I feel that my┬ástory and message can be important to many different groups, therefore he doesn’t have many restrictions preventing a booking from going ahead.

Do you allow time to do an onsite tour and meet staff/attendees?

Yes, I’d be delighted to meet everyone and tour the facilities. A fresh set of eyes can be valuable in addressing safety issues, and many more important questions are often asked of me when meeting people in a smaller group as opposed to during question and answer session.

Is there any restriction on numbers attending?

Not at all. I’ve presented to groups as small as 10 and as large as 400. As long as everyone can see and hear, then there are no restrictions.

What equipment do you need for your presentations?

It will vary from site to site and depend on attendee numbers, size of room etc. Generally a P.A system with a lapel microphone for large groups, as well as a projector and a screen.

What are the costs involved in booking Phoenix Workplace Safety?

An individual presentation has a set price plus travel expenses. Presentation prices may vary depending on the location and if multiple onsite presentations are required during a visit. I encourage interested parties to contact me anytime to discuss individual requirements and I can provide a detailed quote.

How far in advance should you be booked?

I’d encourage bookings to be locked in at least two months in advance of the event date, but the sooner the better to ensure your prefered date.

Would you advise speaking to you ahead of booking Phoenix Workplace Safety?

It is more often than not beneficial to get in touch well prior to your preferred date to go over your requirements. It helps me tailor my safety presentation to your particular needs and work out any logistical issues or travel requirements.

Is there a cancellation fee on bookings?

Only if the cancellation occurs within 28 days of the scheduled presentation date. Prior to that, no cancellation fee will apply.